January 2, 2010 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi hi~

It`s like you just can`t get rid of me. πŸ˜› Jk jk.

Anyway, today was pretty cool. My host dad took me to the castle of the kings that Okinawa used to have. Took lots of pictures and went wandering around by myself for a bit. Saw the same cute guy like four times. xD The museum in the castle was kinda interesting. I had to take my shoes off for part of it and couldn`t take pictures or video in part of it. It was all good though. πŸ˜€

Oh yeah! Before that we went to this huge shopping center and went to this sushi shop that`s really famous here because it`s so tastey. Personally…I don`t think me and the kinds of sushi I ate really agreed. Tasted funky. Not to mention I wasn`t that hungry… Which, speaking of that, it`s becoming apparent to me that Japanese people eat more than I do on average. Makes it kind of funny I suppose since…I dunno, you`d think that little Japanese people don`t eat as much as they do. But the food`s pretty good overall.

After all that I came home and hanged out with my host sister. We started watching a Touhoushinki DVD with lives and stuff. πŸ˜› Jejung is SO CUTE. I think I might just have to buy the poster of him from Jusco. MIGHT JUST.

Tonight there was a show on with Arashi doing this quiz show with two other teams. Not that`s really important or anything, but MatsuJun surprised me. Not going to lie, but I`ve always thought of him as the idiot of the group. Yes, Tanu, I know he isn`t. He proved it. πŸ˜› They were kind of in trouble at one point and MatsuJun finished the entire part of the quiz show by himself. Aiba was kinda silly though because of one answer he did… Haha~ Aiba.

Dun have much else to say, so this is Anita signing off!



  1. Bunneh said,

    Jae also has a nice tummeh. :3

  2. Tami/Tanu however you wanna call me XD said,

    ahahha. MatsuJun ISN’T that stupid. Hmph. Now you believe me that he’s just like Kindaich: stupid most of the time but very smart also.
    He pretends. XD

    Owww..and I told you that you’d be able to visit a lot of traditional/old places. They’re amazing, aren’t they? *______*
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the trip!!
    Have a lot of fun because when you get back, you’re sleeping over at my house to tell me all the details. XD

    Oh, and we miss you a lot here. School starts on Tue and I will miss you there! >_<
    But it makes me happy to know you're having fun in Okinawa!

  3. Amirom said,

    Hi, Anita, I am glad that you are enjoying your stay in Okinawa. I would love to go there. I told Chiko and Ryoga that you’re in Okinawa. They said “Wwwhat” They are also excited to hear that.
    Okinawa is a nice place, I have been there once when I was young.
    Don’t forget to try Ice cream at the ice cream stand on the highway (I don’t exactly remember where though.) and teriyaki burger at the Mosburger(Their buns are made of rice balls). If you have a chance to go to the little islands, it would be really nice.
    Enjoy! Jane.

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