Gosh darn it.

January 7, 2010 at 9:19 am (Uncategorized)

I just had an epiphany that I can just write in another window that’s not the internet so it won’t close on me… Wow. Took me long enough. I also discovered where the appropriate apostrophe is. POINTS FOR ME. 

Anyway. I was kinda annoyed at school today. See, here in Okinawa, nearly every site known to man is BLOCKED. Not even kidding. Some pages, Facebook for examle, are read only. And guess what? WordPress is too. I didn’t realize that though until after I’d tried to write a blog post. That is to say that I DID write one and it was fairly long if you asked me and then it went up in smoke on me right when I was going to post it. WHYYYYYY?! It was SO annoying. I was about ready to kill the computer. XD

I dunno if I want to attempt rewriting everything I did early, but I can try I suppose.

Yesterday was my first day of school. Got up at about six thirty (translation: too early) and took the bus to the terminal and then walked from there. From there, it was interesting. I said more good mornings that I’ve probably said in a year. XD Had to say it to every teacher that passed, and since my host sister and I were wandering around looking for one of the English teachers, we ran into a lot of them. Also did an introduction in front of all the teachers at their morning meeting. Their reaction? Totally priceless. Some of them suddenly sat back in their seats and I even got a round of applause. Overall, they were VERY surprised. Reminds me of when I first met my host family. XD Japanese people seem so surprised that I can speak Japanese and that my pronunciation is very natural.

After that we went to class and things go interesting. As in, during breaks people randomly came up to the glass window next to me to open it and randomly start talking to me in broken English until they realized I could speak Japanese. That was pretty funny. I got called things from sexy to cute. XD FUNNY. Even more funny is the fact that the boys in my class REFUSE to talk to me. They’re JUST that shy. Apparently in other classes it’s not so bad, but in mine apparently the guys just don’t talk to the girls. Very pitiful if you asked me. 😛 The only time the boys talked to me, and it wasn’t by choice, was when we went to the LL (Language Laboratory)  room for some English practice and the teachers dragged them over to me and made them talk. Talk about stick in the mud.

For other classes I had gym where we watched the ending of a movie. I swear I’ve seen a preview for it before, but I can’t remember what it was called. It has an actor from Nodame though. Then in biology we learned about optical illusions and parts of the eyeball. Don’t even known the things on the diagram were in English. Well, I know the names, but not what they do or anything. I’ve come to the conclusion today after looking at my host sister’s bio book that biology here is WAY more extensive and goes into more depth. But yeah, that was bio. Then there was lunch which was also interesting. A lot of students by bento from this batch that comes in during lunch, and my host sister and I went to get them yesterday. There were a TON of students trying to get them, so I stood off to the side with a friend of my host sister’s while she bought them. Also got stared at a lot and had people who’d poke their friends and them point me out. Not that I didn’t see that or anything. -sarcasm- But I did spy some cute boys. 😛 There just aren’t any in my class… -crycry-

After lunch was Classical Japanese where we did nothing. I just studied and the students looked at some paper to study from for the tests they’re having. Then was home room where they moved seats. Even THAT is different in Japan. Students take the desk with them… I think I did that in elementary school, but it seems kinda obnoxious to do that in high school. Also very noisy.

Went home after school via bus and enjoyed a rather nice evening. 😀 Tried watching A Civil Action (Japanese dubbed)  with my host dad, but that didn’t work out. It was rather boring. My host sister burned some CDs for me. I dunno if I said this before, but my host family has birds. Four of them. (Two dogs, too.) One of the birds gets let out every now and then and likes to sit on my older host sister’s shoulder. It also likes to avoid me when I try to touch it. Buuuuuut, it sat on my shoulder last night! 😀 OMG. AWESOME.

Today was alright. Spent most of my time in the LL room with the the foreinger teacher there. Studied and talked. Apparently she (who speaks very little Japanese) took the JLPT Level 3 last winter. She was cool to talk to though. At lunch and what not I talked with my host sister’s friends a little bit while they tried to explain things to me like blood types and horoscope kinda things. Funny funny~

Oh yeah, I actually waved at some boys. XD They’re so shy it makes it funny. Some of them gave me a funny reaction. Definitely funny! Some girls in my class also want to hang out with me outside of school and do something like karaoke or purikura.

After school I went with my host sister to Jusco and got a cake. It was sooooo yummy!

Now, I think I’ve redeemed myself by recounting all that. My work is done! 😛



  1. Jeanne said,

    Anita, sounds like you had 2 interesting days. The stuff you wrote about on the eye would be covered here in anatomy/physiology. BTW Your account is o.k. I’m monitoring it. Also you’re not missing Jan. 7 school day here there’s snow. I’ll await your next posting. Mom

  2. Anje said,

    We had to move our desks and chairs around in Osaka too, but its because there are stickers on both with each student’s name.

  3. Mathieu said,

    Wowww, Japanese School seems Awesome ! xD
    It might be soo funny to see the faces of the people when they try to talk to you in english and then see you speak really good Japanese ! haha xD
    I’m very happy to see that everything is going well for you 🙂
    Have fun ! 🙂
    (In my town in France it was also a snow day haha xD)

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