Another day~

January 10, 2010 at 8:45 am (Uncategorized)

So, once again I’ve been lazy and not posted for a couple days…but I’m here now so hush up you! I’m enjoying myself. 😛

Two days ago was testing again, so I went to the LL room and hung out with the English teacher there. We made “mashed potatoes” out of these fry snack things. Apparently it’s some sort of cultural thing she learned from watching the other teachers. And it was SO GOOD. No joke. Otherwise I just studied and looked at school stuff. Not that I really learned anything other than what peeps are school are doing now that I can’t do here. Didn’t want to haul my textbooks here. Plus, I don’t think that would’ve worked out too well with the weight limits and how I don’t wanna have five thousand bags.

Anyway, yeah. Talked to people and…surprisingly enough boys talked to ME. WHOA. Funny thing is, those boys were what my host sister called playboys from the class nextdoor. XD So pretty much I got talked to by playboys. Funny~

That night I watched CSI New York with my host family and also hung out a little bit with my host…niece? Idk how that works. She’s the daughter of one of my older host brothers. (The one that kinda looks like an older version of MatsuJun.)

BTW, potato butter flavored chis are awesome. XD

Moving on to yesterday~

Yesterday afternoon I went out with my host family to eat Chinese food at this restaurant where the owner was my host dad’s underclassman in high school. The food was also really good. 😀 It is most of the time here. SO TASTEY. After that my host sister and I went to take the monorail into another part of Naha and we met up with other friends to do karaoke. IT WAS SO FUN! I thought it’d be embarassing, but it wasn’t when you’re singing with other people and just having a good time. Sung things like Arashi and KAT-TUN. 😀 And someone put backstreet boys on the list so I wound up singing that, too… O_o

After karaoke we went walking around Kokusai Doori to find a certain PuriKura place. And not going to lie, that place is way busier at night. It was cool though and PuriKura was fun! I’ve never done it before, so it was a really good experience. Pluuuuus, I spotted a really hot guy. XD Funny thing is, I was going to take a picture of these cute scissors they had at the PuriKura place when I noticed the guy standing outside, so I angled my camera differently and got his picture…kinda. XD Makes me laugh~

Anyway, after karaoke everyone split ways to go home and my host sister and I took the bus to Jusco where I got a really cute skirt such. Also got some bread to try since it was cheap. Ate melon bread for the first time. 😀 IT’S SO TASTEY! When we got home I also had some of my host mom’s curry…WHICH IS THE BEST. I love it! *-* After that I watched An Unfinished Life with my host parents. It wasn’t a bad movie at all if you asked me.

Then….for today we went to the more American part of Okinawa where the bases are and stuff. We ate at this buffet kinda place and went to see the area where my host family used to live. Apparently it’s a countryside-ish area…but I didn’t believe that part. When I think countryside I think a lot of open space and that’s pretty much what Okinawa lacks. XD But it was cool. Went to the beach where Americans first landed in Okinawa, wandered around on the beach and saw some interesting animals at this ranch place as we drove by.

Now then…I’m off to watch the Arashi DVD my oldest host brother lent me. 😀 (It’s not actually his DVD by my host niece’s…but he was the one who brought it over.)

But on a random note…I really don’t wanna leave. It doesn’t really feel like I have to either. Makes me feel like I can stay if I want to, which, not going to lie, I think I’d agree to that in a heart beat. I love my host family and Okinawa is just pure awesomeness. 😀 ‘Nuff said.


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  1. Jeanne said,

    Anita, you’re just having too much fun! Have you been able to see Brandon?

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