January 11, 2010 at 8:44 am (Uncategorized)

I’m thoroughly convinced that Japanese people eat more than I do. XD My family always seems to be eating more often that I need to and eat more at that. If you say you’re a little hungry they give you a feast pretty much. And I don’t think it’s one of those things that are overdone just because I’m here because they eat it all clean without a problem while I can’t finish half the time. XD

But, speaking of food, my host dad made yakitori and some other various BBQ things downstairs. At a lot of yummy food. 😀 And, while shopping today I got a carton of apple juice (among other wonderful things). Not going to lie, but that stuff’s beastly. I could live off of it. Or any kind of juice really…

Also bought summore bread. It was 22\ cheaper. XD So it was even more cheap and wonderful~

Oh yeah. Speaking of money, according to the LL teacher Okinawa’s the poorest prefecture in Japan…? I find that a little hard to believe since things still seem expensive here…but whatever works I guess. Maybe it’s just me.
The only thing I’ve found that’s cheaper here than it is in America are manga books and some shoes. Those are like…half the price they are in America. And their verison of the dollar shop are cheap too, but that’s kinda the point if you think about it. 😛

Can’t think of much else to so. I dun wanna sit here babbling about things I bought today, so I won’t. But there was a preformance of this superhero from Okinawa at Jusco. It was kinda funny because there were people sitting and standing to see it EVERYWHERE. All these little kids and their tots and such… Crazy.

And on a final note…I’m finding it hard to find things to bring back for people. Even myself. xD So…just so people know, if I didn’t bring something back for someone it’s because I couldn’t think/find anything. I’m trying though!



  1. Bunneh said,

    Bring Hubby-kun back something good? BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONTH. 8D jkjk

    I’m envious at how much fun you’re having over there~ eeeeeeenvious~~ XD

  2. Maura said,

    Hahaha yes the Japanese do eat more then we do. I realized that when I was over there. It might also be because in North America we eat at all various times of the day, whereas Japanese eat everything on a schedule.

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