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January 12, 2010 at 12:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi hi~ Hope people aren’t missing me too much, because I don’t feel like I’m missing anything yet. The only thing I can remotely miss is the oppertunity to understand people completely all the time. But seriously, if someone could find a way for me to stay here for a while long, I’d be plenty happy and would agree in a heartbeat. 😀 I just love how here it feels like I have so much to learn that I actually find useful. Maybe not some of the class material… Seriously. I was looking at a test answer key I was given during the math class for a test I didn’t take and wondered why they even bothered. XD Why would you do any of that stuff without a calculator?

I guess another thing I can almost miss is the later time I had to get up for school. Here…I have to get up at like…5:40 now to eat breakfast and skip off to the bus at like…6:40. TOO EARLYYYYY. @@ BTW, even breakfast is huge. Seriously. My host sister keeps eating and has already been eating before I drag myself to the kitchen. I’m thoroughly impressed. 😛 Makes me feel like a whimp. Even when I’m starving I can barely eat as much as they do here.

Speaking of food…my family gets a kick out of telling people I’ll eat anything. I blame my motto that until something makes me throw up, it’s all good. 😀 And all the food’s decent or better. Problem is my lack of appetite at meal times. Kinda wish I could eat when I’m hungry like at home, but whatever works.

Overall, it’s all good. Class can be a little boring when we aren’t doing anything or it’s passing time, but when I do something like studying I’m all good. I also found out that there’s a kanji practice game thing on my electronic dictionary. I’ve actually been finding out more about it lately because I’ve actually be looking at it when I’m bored. XD I love it.

Here’s a little something: If you don’t know it or do, the Japanese clean their schools. I mean there aren’t any janitors, so students do the cleaning. However, for my school, which is like a hundred years old apparently…it seems kinda pointless. The halls look just as old and grimy as they did before and don’t get me started on the nearby bathroom. No comment there. Let’s just say I refuse to go there.

Oh yeah, and those “playboys” talked to me again. XD I was sitting with my host sister waiting for chemistry to start and they popped into the room asking me if I remembered them. Kinda hard not to. Then…of all things, one of them takes a picture with me. And his phone was interesting. Of all colors, it was pink. Don’t ask me why. Definitely weird. Maybe it wasn’t his…? Idk. I thought it was funny. And just so people know, yeah, they are good looking. Not going to lie. And another thing about them happened at lunch. My host sister had asked me if I wanted to eat ramen at a shop that isn’t as good as my host sister’s part time job, but cheap or go to Family Mart (convenience store) and get food there. I agreed on Family Mart, and as we were walking there, the “playboys” were going to the ramen shop. XD Oh, the irony if I had picked the second option. I almost wonder what would’ve happened if I’d done ramen, but whatever. Doesn’t really matter. 😛

Oh! I just got done watching Slumdog Millionaire in Japanese. Of course…some parts were still in Hindi (is that right…?) with English AND Japanese subtitles, but other parts were just Japanese. Made the movie look kinda funny if you asked me. but it all worked out. The movie was really good, too. Very epic.

I believe that’s all for now~



  1. Jeanne said,

    Too much fun! JKJK What time does your plane leave Okinawa Saturday your time? xo Mom

  2. Henry said,

    Sounds very exciting. Where did you get the electronic dictionary?

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