January 13, 2010 at 12:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Getting up early is going to kill me. I can see it now. XD

Anywayyyy~ Had early morning English which was interesting. The teacher had people ask me questions in English. It worked out allright I guess. Japanese people are just too shy so there weren’t any volunteers. XD  I love though how someone asked me if there were any guys in the class who looked like they were my type. Unfortunately, my class has no such guy.

After that was Math…and I understood it! I feel so proud of myself~ They were doing things with increasing and decreasing for quadratic and cubic functions. We also had gym today where we decided on teams for softball…and then started watching Harry Potter. XD The sixth movie. I haven’t seen it, but believe it or not the movie was in English with subtitles. First movie I seen like that since I saw Back to the Future at the hotel. Random, but kinda long the same lines, there was a movie on last night that was German with Japanese subtitles. It was weird so I went to bed instead of watching it.

The best part of the day was…biology. Definitely interesting. We dissected a pig’s eyeball. No joke. We did. 😀 I was the eye holder person and it was so weird. It was really stick and stuck to the gloves I was wearing, but we did it! It was kinda cool if you asked me. Haven’t done something like that since…middle school when we dissected earthworms.

OH YEAH. Okay, so I find this SO funny, but the math teacher SERIOUSLY looks like Jaken from Inuyasha. I dunno if I’ve said that before, but he does! REALLY. He does. I need to take his picture. He practically sounds like him, too. So when he enters the room I say to my host sister, “JAKEN-SENSEI!”

And seriously, Japanese people are really the gift-giving type. The classic Japanese teacher gave me a kanji book to study from. Apparently I looked very bored sitting there trying to read a book for English when I was about ready to fall asleep. XD But it’s a really useful book from what I’ve been able to get out of it and I really like it. I was trying to find some more books like that at the bookstore earlier, but it was getting late so I’ll do it tomorrow or something.

After school I went out with some friends from school and we went to Kokusai Doori to do Purikura, eat soba and check out this anime shop. None of us are really into it, but it was interesting to say the least. There was even a cosplay corner…but I find cosplay too weird to appreciate. 😛 Not my cup of tea.

So yeah, that was my dad. I also received my departure information…which makes me wanna hit my head on a wall. Can I just “lose” it and say I never got it? XD That’d be so nice.

Final note:

If I don’t get on tomorrow, I want to say happy birthday to my little sister. 😛 You’re so old.


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  1. Kirda said,

    HEY~~~ Glad to hear you are having fun!! I miss you so much~~~ So boring just sitting at home with nobody to talk to. Well anyways~ Have fun (and remember….. I LIKE PANDAS) XD

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