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January 15, 2010 at 12:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Just as I thought, I didn’t get on last night. So a happy belated birthday to my sister! @@ My host family decided to have a talk with me which I didn’t mind at all and listened to them talk about how they want me to come back a continue studying Japanese to get even better. They all think I’d make a good English teacher because English is my native language so I understand it and can explain it to Japanese people. The English teacher here speaks little to no Japanese. (The one for the oral English class anyway. The other one’s Japanese and speaks very good English, but she asked me about pronunciation a lot.) So because I can speak Japanese I can explain it in a language they can understand. XD But while I’m thinking about it, the Japanese English seems like it’s a really good way for me to learn Japanese. Not going to lie. I liked it a lot because the mixed improved the little phrases that imply certain things in sentences. It was like learning new grammar for me. ;P Loved it. In that class today the teacher had me read a passage for the class for pronunciation, and the teacher was laughing afterwards at all the students who’d just kinda gawd at me. Apparently they thought it was beautiful.

Oh yeah. This morning I also said my goodbye to the teachers. Kinda made it up right before hand, and everyone clapped. Then I walked out of the room and cried a little… Kept almost crying when I got back to class. ^^; I just don’t want to leave… I really don’t. I can see myself trying not to bawl at the airport tomorrow. XD Oh boy. I’ll try my best not to, but I love my host family. Since I’ve gotten here they’ve been nothing short of funny and nice.

I did caligraphy today. The teacher was SUPER nice and gave me little…idk what you call them. They’re these thick rectangles you write kanji on. So I did some practicing and wrote some kanji. I feel kinda bad because I messed one up…but oh well. Some of them I really like. πŸ˜€ Anyway, the teacher also gave me a stamp with two kanji that I picked out. It’s super cool and I’m so grateful. To everyone.

Overall the schedule today was kinda mixed up in what we did. I can say thought that I’ve got ten thousand handouts from various classes. They call worksheets and stuff here print or purinto. They’re different from American ones though because they’re not white and the paper’s really thin. It was all good though. πŸ˜€ I understood math completely, so that was so cool. They do some weird stuff without calculators, but I figured it out and the teacher was might impressed. πŸ™‚ Guess I should pat myself on the back for that one. Some of the classes I just tuned out and studied kanji from the book the classic Japanese teacher gave me, but others I actually paid attention to. The modern literature teacher actually called on me to read and was so impressed that I could read the kanji in the book. πŸ˜› That’s what I get for having too much time on my hands. I actually bought two new kanji books to study in America since they’re hard to get there with kanji I don’t know and I’m working on the last year of elementary school kanji. So, that’ll be good!

The students are so nice and at the end of the day threw me a party. They actually were trying to keep it a surprise, but when I already had an inkling about it and my host sister took me to the library during the last hour, I knew what was cooking. It was kinda obvious. XD But it was cool. And…again I cried. I kept on and off crying during the whole thing, but everyone thought it was so cute since I was still smiling. XD Took a lot of pictures with my tear-stained face. How lovely. Oh well. They had things from cake to pizza made by a student’s mom. The boys also gave preformed what they called an owarai. I think you can translate that like…a comedy skit? Idk. But it was so funny! And I love how one of the boys was actually willing to talk to me. He even hugged me when presenting the class gifts. He also wrote on the card with messages from people that he loves me. πŸ˜› He’s so sweet. So yeah, the gifts from the class were things like a photoalbum with some pictures, candy that you can use to whistle, a necklace made of candy, a class photo and a card with messages from everyone. I havent’ read it yet because I know that if I do that I might cry, so I’ll do that later. I plan on writing a message to the class tonight that my host sister and give to the class on Monday. Also one for my host family, and I’m trying to keep that a secret. I’ll just leave it on the desk in the room I’ve been sleeping in so they can read it later. ^^

Oh yeah. I’ve actually be wearing a uniform for the past two days. The teacher I asked about it to get one said that actually they prefered if I wore one, but they never told me that. πŸ˜› However, a girl from my class lent me her extra one, and EVERYONE’s been saying that it suits me. Personally, I like it. It’s actually very warm, so I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. XD They think it’s SO COLD. I guess if I lived here for a while I’d think the same thing. I also got to wear some loafers that were sitting in the room. They’re really (SERIOUSLY) battered and such, but they worked for making the uniform work. They kinda let me keep them, so I’ll call that a present, too.

After school I went with some girls to a nearyby shopping center…and they bought me a TV guide that has Arashi in it. XD My gosh. I feel so grateful to everyone. I think that when I come back, I’m bringing more gifts from everyone since I now know what people like and such. πŸ˜€

After that, I wound up going out to eat at a very famous steak house here in Okinawa. Famous people and such go there and the food was REALLY good. I ate steak for the first time. XD It was yummy~ I wasn’t really hungry, so my host brother finished it for me. (I swear his stomache’s a black hole since he’s always finishing other people’s food. And he’s skinny, too!)

Then we went home…and I experienced an earthquake. Seriously. πŸ˜› It was interesting, weak and fast. But it was noticable. Apparently Okinawa gets them every once in a while like the rest of Japan, but they’re all weak ones.

Well, I think that’s that. Leaving tomorrow from Okinawa at about 10:30. T_T I dun wanna go at all.

I’m coming back. πŸ˜› For sure I’ll find some way.

This is going to be my last post in Japan. I’ll be post more things later like any interesting pictures and then a post about things I found to be interesting. Some truths about Okinawa, too. πŸ™‚ So stay tuned for that, too.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Okinawa and really think of all my host family memebers as my family.

See everyone again State side!


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  1. Oliver said,

    Wow, sounds amazing Anita!! I am so happy they threw a party for you—must have been super mega fun!
    I can’t wait to see the pictures!! Your blog has been beyond amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    We miss you!

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